E-Currency Coin

Our team consists of different community members that had been working individually on community projects for bitcoin and other altcoins since 2013.

Created: March 20, 2014

Griffith Has Been Developing ECC Since: August 3, 2014

Algo: Scrypt

PoW Until Block 86,400 [Completed]

PoS 25% annual rewards

45 Second Block Time

25 Billion Coins

Port: 19118

Rpcport: 19119

500 Million Coin Premine To Original Dev (He dumped on mintpal in 2014)


Follow ECC's development on our devs github:


Buy, sell, and trade ECC on CoinExchange:

25% Yearly Intrest

By holding ECC in your wallet, your investment will earn interest at a rate of 25% per year!

Download the E-Currency Coin wallet v0.2.5.1